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Shutter Curtain - Constructed from interlocking galvanised steel lath, complete with a galvanised ‘T’ bottom rail. Doors over 4500mm wide have windlocks fitted to prevent blow out in extreme conditions.

Side Guides - Cold rolled mild steel steel channels of depths ranging from 65mm to 100mm depending on the application. Mild steel angles of a suitable size are supplied to support the side guides and form a secure fixing to the structure. Doors over 4500mm wide have “C” section guides fitted to help retain the curtain in the guides when fitted with wind endlocks for performance under wind load.

Roller Barrel - Manufactured from seamless mild steel tube of a suitable diameter and thickness for the door application. to suit door width and height. The barrel encases helical springs of a suitable size and strength to counterbalance the shutter curtain.

Bracket Plates - Size and gauge dependent upon door size and weight incorporating support bearings.

Operation - The door is arranged for an electric motor unit with a manual hoisting and lowering facility. The motor is complete with an in-built safety drive system. Complying with all current European safety standards. The motor features a pre-wired starter unit with pre-wired limits.

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