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Structure - The side guide leg assemblies are made from galvanised mild steel sheet folded into a c-section, within this profile two additional folded profiles are spot welded and it is this fabrication that creates and extremely rigid structure when welded to the footplate.


 The cross frame is made in the same way as the guide legs, and the internal reinforcements are designed and distributed in accordance to the width of the door.

On the platform there is the motor mounting bracket, torsion shaft with lifting belt pulleys and patented safety brake mechanism and support bearings. The curtain lifting tapes are attached at to the bottom wind bar of the curtain and guided by specially designed belt guides fitted on the intermediate wind bars. The cross frame also provides the support for the curtain suspension fixings, which are adjustable.


It is this design that enable the Instant Pass to be free standing, only requiring to be fixed to the floor through its foot plates and restraining to the surrounding fabric of the building for security.


Curtain Specifications - The curtain is divided into various panels which fold up like an accordion when the door is raised. It is made from a plastic sheet which is highly resistant to wear, abrasion and discolouration. Incorporated within it are a series of horizontal reinforcements, which give the curtain the necessary resistance to drafts that it will have to withstand (in its STANDARD configuration, it can take pressures equivalent to a wind approx 80Km/h and can be adapted to withstand even more, if required).The reinforcements are made of galvanised steel tubes and vary in size according to the dimensions of the door. Rubber end caps are added to these reinforcements to prevent contact between two areas of metal, which would result in noise and the rapid deterioration of the guide leg and/or curtain.

The bottom bar is made from galvanised steel box section found inside a bag made from the same material as the curtain, which provides a reasonable seal even with un-even flooring. The leading edge, identified by black and yellow stripes, is where the safety edge contact strip is located, accessed by a Velcro fastening.



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