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Roller Curtain - Cold rolled galvanised concave steel lath (76 mm x 22 swg) retained in place by nylon end locks. Shutter curtain weight = 35 kg m². Perforated lath can be provided at extra cost.

Bottom Rail - A rigid inverted L or T section bottom rail, formed from cold rolled galvanised section.

Side Guides and Angles - Steel channels of suitable depth depending on the application, fixed to angles of suitable size to support the shutter and form a secure fixing to the structure.

Roller Barrel - Made from mild steel tube of suitable diameter and wall thickness to suit the application. The barrel contains helical springs, securely fitted and supported by purpose made cast iron or sg. iron castings.

Roller Bracket Plates - Made from steel plate of a size and gauge suitable for the door size and weight  and incorporating support bearings. Complete with cleats for hoods or fascias if required.

Operation - Push up and pull down as standard, with a pole for taller applications. Tubular motor for power operation.

Door Locking - Guide locks are standard. Bottom rail and ground locks are available at extra cost.

Finish - All the guides, angles, hoods and shutter lath are galvanised. If flat plate is required it will be primed and painted. Powder coated finish is optional and can be provided at extra cost.

Coil Casings (Hoods) and Fascias - Coil casings or fascias can be supplied at additional cost.

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