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Many people think the cost of door maintenance is measured by the cost per hour of Service Engineers. This is not so. The true price is actually the overall cost per year to your company and it is measured in many more ways than simply the financial cost. Obviously, the size of the bill each time you doors fail is important, but you also need to factor in such things as:

            Are your doors reliable in operation? Properly maintained doors are more reliable.

            Do your doors have the right control systems for their required operation?

If they do get damaged you should ask yourself:


How long does it take for a repair team to arrive?

How long does it take for the repair to be carried out?

Is the problem fixed at the first visit, or are subsequent visits needed to get “parts”?

How long are your doors out of action before they are fully repaired?

How many times a year do your doors breakdown?

Many door companies will quote low hourly rates to obtain work, only to make their money up on longer site times, carrying out unnecessary repairs, and return visits to obtain “parts” etc. Downtime is a cost to your business. It is no good having a cheap supplier if they don't turn up when you need them, or repairs are delayed "waiting" for components.

As we have said elsewhere Midway Doors operates a genuine 24 hr service to guarantee a fast response at all times. Our vans carry all the common standard parts to allow us to fix most problems at the first visit, but if we do need specialist parts, after 30 years in the business we know where to get them, and can arrange fast delivery.

Additionally, we take the long view with all the work we carry out. If you are having persistent problems with a door, we won’t just keep fixing it and taking your money, we’ll recommend solutions to eliminate such failures and ensure the door in question operates reliably year on year.

Midway Doors will never be the cheapest door company per hour, but we are confident that if you measure us against the parameters above we’ll be the cheapest door company per year!

For those customers who allow us to service and maintain their door stock, we have found that we normally reduce their annual maintenance costs by around 30%.

We would be very happy to supply references for you to confirm these savings for yourself.

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