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Instant Pass, fold up Speedoors, are designed for intensive industrial use. Thanks to the speed at which they open and close they reduce air currents, eliminate draughts, prevent loss of expensive heat and ease the flow of traffic.

The Instant Pass is based on a stacking opening system. The curtain is made from a flexible material, reinforced with tubular stiffeners, and is specifically designed to withstand strong wind pressure. The curtain is raised by lifting tapes via a torsion shaft.

The Instant pass is a self supporting structure that only requires fixing to the fabric of the surrounding building.

It is available in the choice of colours shown below, with vision windows available at no extra cost. All doors are supplied with internal push button operation, two photo-electric safety beams and a stop and return safety edge, as standard.

A full range of activation equipment is available.

Please note: The Instant Pass Speedoor is designed for use by vehicles only, not pedestrians.