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Genuine 24/7 Call Out

Midway Industrial Doors Ltd. Harecastle Avenue Kidsgrove Stoke on Trent ST7 1JT

30 years experience   After more than 30 years in the business we have huge knowledge of most of the doors out there. We understand them in detail and there’s none we can’t fix.

Genuine 24/7 support One of our Management team is always available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year to support you. If you need us, in or out of office hours, just give us a call. Try calling 01782 773771 and see what happens.

Fully trained Engineers Our Engineers have been installing and repairing doors for many years and have great knowledge of all types of doors. They have attended many training courses and achieved a host of qualifications. Please take the time to visit our Accreditation page where you can see them for yourself.

Fully Equipped Vans We are ready for anything when we arrive. Our vans carry all the necessary tools and equipment required for everything but the most specialised repairs. They are also stocked with a wide range of spares to cover most routine door repairs.

Genuine advice We don’t chase the “fast buck”. We want to trade with you for 20 years not 20 mins. Any recommendations, advice and quotations we give you are aimed at achieving the long term reliable, low cost operation of your doors.

Cost reductionOur comprehensive approach to door maintenace delivers guaranteed long term cost reductions, whether you have 2 doors or 200 doors. Please visit our True Cost of Door Maintenance page to see what we mean.

01782 773771